Why Buy New When Shopping For A Car Around Omaha, NE

Tire & Wheel Protection provides our customers with repair or replacement of wheels/rims and tires if they become damaged and are unable to hold air due to ordinary road hazards.

Examples Of Ordinary Road Hazards Include:
  • Potholes
  • Metal parts
  • Wood debris
  • Rocks
  • Composite materials
  • Plastic
  • Glass
Covered Parts Include:
  • Factory or dealer installed wheels/rims.
  • Factory installed tire-pressure sensors, wheel studs, lug nuts, valve stems and caps, wheel locks and tires with greater than 2/32nd inch tread.
Covered Parts Include:
  • Benefit Options:
  • $250 per tire (per occurrence)
  • $400 per wheel/rim (per occurrence)
  • Max aggregate $1,000 tires & $1,600 wheel/rim
  • Increased Benefits:
  • $500 per tire (per occurrence)
  • $1,000 per wheel (per occurrence)
  • Max aggregate $2,000 tires & $4,000 wheel/rim